Lure for Her Pheromone Cologne

Lure for Her Pheromone Cologne

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Want to know what it's like to be irresistible to him? Try Lure for Her and lure him in! Containing Alpha-Androstenol "Lure For Her" is a scientifically designed pheromone-based fragrance that provides you with one of the most precious and powerful forces of nature: the all-powerful, irresistible, chemical base for attraction - pheromones! They work to send out silent subconscious scent signals that have a powerful effect on the opposite sex by naturally triggering romantic and sexual attraction. "Lure" is working for you not merely as a delicious scent but a powerful sexual signaling smell!

You will find that this modern alchemy will bring your target to their knees. You may want to keep it under lock and key!

Container size: 1ounce



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