Lockable Toy Chest - Black

Lockable Toy Chest - Black

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Keep your toys safe from prying eyes with this stylish and secure lockable Toy Chest. Featuring sturdy construction and a combination lock you set yourself, this Toy Chest is perfect for safely storing sex toys and vibrators  The sturdy, stylish design does not hint at the contents, and a convenient handle allows it to be easily carried with you if relocation is necessary.

Noir black exterior with black vinyl lining that is moisture and tear resistant, covering all inside surfaces. This securely locking box features a briefcase-like lock on the outside, which can only be released if the right combination is set on all three numerical dials and the silver tab is pushed to the side. There are no locks to be cut off or twisted, and only you will know the combination, for ultimate privacy.

An excellent choice for anyone who worries about nosey house guests, children or parents making an embarrassing discovery. Can also be stashed in checked luggage while traveling. Lock it up and stay sexy.

Dimensions: 12 long x 4 inches wide x 4 inch high

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