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Laced Seductress Crotchless Panty Harness - L/XL

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Wear these sexy undies and surprise your partner with a harness that includes both form and function. The stretchy spandex and nylon panties have a beautiful lace design that accentuates your curves and hips while offering support for a strap-on dildo.

The wide strap at the hips supports the lower back and helps hold up the weight of the dildo. You can enjoy giving and receiving with this crotchless set that also includes a slit in the back for access to your derriere. At the front is an O-ring that fits most dildos and another layer right behind it to reduce the chafing that the dildo base sits against. The opening to the O-ring has a 1.75-inch diameter. Enjoy wearing stockings. The garter belt straps help keep up a cute pair of stockings for those who enjoy wearing them.

To clean after use, you can wash it in the machine on cold, but to keep the elasticity for longer, make sure to hand wash in cold and air dry.

Strap up and stay sexy!


  • Wide elastic strap over support and comfort
  • Stretchy material (nylon and spandex)
  • Crotchless with booty access
  • Universal O-ring compatible
  • Fits most standard dildos with 1.75 inch diameter

NOTE: Harness and stockings not included

Measurements: 17.5 inches unstretched waistband diameter, fits 35 inch to 40 inch waist circumference. O-ring inner diameter is 1.75 inches.

Materials: Nylon, Spandex

Note: Can be machine washed on a cold setting with no bleach added. To preserve the elasticity of the material, hand wash in cold water and air dry.

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