Instant Orgasm - Excitement at the First Touch

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The Bodanskys have written another groundbreaking book that will change the way couples approach sex. In Extended Massive Orgasm and The Illustrated Guide to Extended Massive Orgasm they taught readers how to increase the length and intensity of their orgasm. Now they describe techniques that help sexual partners get turned on and orgasm quicker than ever before.

Their approach is revolutionary. They challenge you, the reader, to think about orgasms in totally new ways and to be open to more pleasure that you can imagine _ maybe even more than you think you can enjoy.

Sensitize yourself to a partners touch and watch your lovemaking ignite!

Describing the new kind of orgasm, the Bodanskys explain how couple ÐtrainsÓ one another to become instantly turned on. Imagine getting aroused before the first stroke or with just one caress. The authors give examples from their own experiences and share the success they have had teaching Instant Orgasm (IO) to students in their sexuality courses. Readers are guided through sections that teach:

-how to turn on yourself and your partner

-when, where, and how to touch your partner

-how to handle resistance and anger

-how to combine IO and EMO


Now instead of an orgasm being the end of your lovemaking, you can bring the same intensity to the beginning. Read on- the passion, excitement, and sensual satisfaction of instant arousal are only a few pages away.
Soft cover.  178 pages.
About the authors: Steve and Vera Bodansky, both PhDs, have been students and teachers of sensuality and relationships for over 25 years.  There previous books, Extend Massive Orgasms and To Bed or Not to Bed (the art of seduction) have sold over 250,000 copies.