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Incognito Boxer Harness w/ Hidden O-Ring

Incognito Boxer Harness with Hidden O-Ring
Incognito Boxer Harness with Hidden O-Ring
Incognito Boxer Harness with Hidden O-Ring
Strap U Incognito Boxer Harness with Hidden O-Ring
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Wear your boxers under your garment, and always feel confident, comfortable, and ready for a good time. These strap-on harness boxers are comfortable enough to wear all day and sturdy enough to play all night.

With a hidden O-ring sewn into the cotton and spandex blend shorts, the front of your boxers looks just like any other. When you're ready, slip the strap-on dildo into place. Enjoy the comfortable and breathable fabric as you wear it beneath your clothes. The smooth material lays flat against your skin and doesn't bulge or bunch beneath your clothing.

The wide, supportive elastic band helps support the weight of your strap-on dildo and keeps the boxers from sagging. The 1.6 inch universal O-ring is hidden inside the material and fits most strap-on dildos.


  • Wide elastic band supports the dildos' weight
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Can be worn under clothing
  • Machine washable
  • Material: cotton, spandex, rubber
  • Universal 1.6-inch O-ring works with most dildos



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