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ID Juicy Flavored Lubricants

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ID Juicy Flavored Lubricants
ID Flavored Sex Lubricants
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ID Juicy Lube is the world's best-selling flavored lubricant. It's the best flavored lube that is also water-based, safe to use with latex, and will add a delicious flair to your sex life. This flavored lubricant was designed to give you a mouthwatering experience in the bedroom. It should also be mentioned that this lube provides exceptional lubrication during intimate sessions.

ID Juicy Lube is here to satisfy your sexual needs and sweet tooth. A more deliciously sexual experience can't be found in any other flavored lube. Juicy Lube is one of the best lubes out there for playing with your partner, by yourself, or with one of your toys. Flavored lubricants are often treated as a novelty, but you can rest assured that with ID, quality comes first. This personal lubricant is made to let you experience the many flavors of passion. Juicy Lube uses the very same formula countless people trust in ID  Glide with added flavoring. Get Juicy and stay sexy.

Container Size: 3.5 oz. pump bottle.


• Water-based
• Condom Compatible
• Adult Toy Compatible
• Non-staining
• Sugar and dye-free

Ingredients: Water (aqua) Glycerin Propylene glycol Cellulose polymer Polyethylene oxide Carbomer 981 Polysorbate 20 Methylparaben Sodium benzoate Sodium saccharin Aspartame Tetrahydroxypropyl ethylenediamine Diazolidinyl urea EDTA and flavor (aroma). Harmless if ingested.


Bubble Gum
Passion Fruit
Pina Colada

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