Her Sweet Spot Book

Her Sweet Spot Book

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Taste Her.

Touch Her.

Breathe Her In.


Featuring 101 ways to please and delight  her€this is the ultimate bedroom guide for women who love women! 


Filled with over 100 photos of beautiful women pleasing their female partners, Her Sweet Spot leaves no erogenous zone unexplored.  From sweet and tender to straight up naughty, each of the sexy situations is guaranteed to make your world a sexier, sweeter, and more sensual place. 


Chapters included topics on toys, positions, oral pleasure, and many more!
Hard cover.  215 pages.
About the author: Jude Schell is the author of Lesbian Sex and The Guide to Lesbian Sex and is also producer of film and theatre.  She divides her time between New York City and Miami. 


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