Wet Flavored Lubricants

Fun Flavors Lubricant 3.5 oz

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Wet Flavored Lubricants taste like real fruit with no bitter aftertaste. They are silky smooth, sugar-free, colorless, non-staining, and latex friendly.  And Kosher.

Wet Flavored Gel lubricants are sweetened with non-caloric sucralose. They do not contain sugar or dyes and harmless if swallowed. They will not stain sheets and may be rinsed away easily with water. These formulas are gentle enough for sensitive skin and provide long lasting silkiness.

Wet Flavored has been reformulated to be much longer-lasting and paraben free. All water-based formulas require preservatives, and Wet Flavored has been formuated with Pentylene Glycol and Potassium Sorbate which have a low risk for irritation, unlike parabens.

The Wet lines of high-quality innovative and unique lubricants are formulated using only the finest ingredients at an FDA-approved facility meeting the strictest manufacturing standards.


  • Water-soluble
  • No bitter after-taste
  • Sugar and paraben free
  • Stain-free and lightweight
  • Latex compatible
  • Ideal for foreplay, oral, intercourse, and massage
  • Washes away easily with water

Available Flavors:

  • Passion Fruit Punch
  • Kiwi-Strawberry
  • Sweet Cherry
  • Watermelon

Container Size: 3.5 oz



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