Fukuoku 12000 Finger Vibrator

FUKUOKU 12000 Finger Massager

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The Fukuoku 12000 is the world's smallest and most powerful fingertip vibrator. The Fukuoko delivers unequaled massages and titillating foreplay. This Adjustable speed vibrator delivers up to 12,000 vibrations a minute

Ring adjusts to fit any sized finger Includes 3 interchangeable tips for varied stimulation Travel-friendly size for fun on the road Measures 1.5 inches across and 3 inches long Powered by 2 watch batteries, included Includes leatherette storage bag. The multispeed ring vibrator can deliver as many as 12,000 vibrations a minute with every touch. The small size lets you easily focus vibrations on any erogenous zone including her nipples or clit for unbeatable stimulation during foreplay. And the ring even adjusts to fit any-sized finger so you can easily wear it.

The fingertip massager includes three sleeves with completely different stimulating designs for extra variety. The ridged sleeve is great for stroking her G Spot. The circular sleeve focuses vibrations on the center to tease her nipples or other erogenous zone. And the dotted sleeve is ideal for tickling her clit!

The finger-sized vibrator can go wherever you go. It slips easily inside your pocket or purse if youre planning on a fun-filled night. Or you can hide it conveniently on your luggage for those special vacations.The fingertip massager measures 1.5 inches wide and 3 inches long. The removable sleeves measure 1 inch wide and 1.5 inches long. The sleeves are made from soft and durable silicone, while the rest of the massager is plastic. Silicone is known for its hypoallergenic properties and easy to clean nature. The back of the vibrator slides off to hold 2 watch-sized batteries, included.
The soft rubbery material used on all the Finger Fitting Products is surgical-grade silicone (100% silicone) and completely latex-free and contains no phthalates. 

Dimensions: Approximately 2-1/2" long


  •   12,000 vibrations per minute
  •   Powerful & extremely quiet
  •   Silicone textured stimulation tips
  •   Adjustable finger fitting ring
  •   Batteries included