Fireman's Penis Pump

Fireman's Penis Pump

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Men of all sizes will enjoy the Fireman's Pump® which takes only one hand to operate and provides a gentle tugging sensation with each squeeze of the bulb. This bright red pump is perfect for folks who want to give pumping a try without making a major investment.

The Fireman's Pump® can be used to help your man prolong erection, control ejaculation and help increase his penis size. Slip his penis through the black latex cuff start pumping with the sturdy bulb pump and watch his erection fill the bright red see-through plastic cylinder. The powerful suction creates a vacuum effect and draws blood into the penis. What you do next is up to you!


  • Basic squeeze-bulb pump
  • Pressure-release valve
  • Latex sleeve for a tight seal

Care and Cleaning: This nonporous toy can be wiped clean with a cloth moistened with mild soap and water.

Dimensions: 8" long 2-1/4" diameter and stretches to fit.

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