Fantasy for Her Tease n Please-Her Clitoral Pump and Vibrator

Fantasy For Her Tease n' Please-Her

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The clitoral suction trend is upon us without doubt.  It's been swelling up for a while, and female sex toy makers have zeroed in on the unique pleasurable sensations possible with suction and how effective it is in producing strong orgasms - fast.

If you've tried a suction vibe were underwhelmed,  this one will not disappoint.  Just below a sexy little penetrator ribbed over with bumpy texture, the sucker grabs on tight from the first of 12 auto modes. Once cupped over the clitoris, pressure pulls sensitive flesh gently and very firmly into a tickler filled chamber. So while you have the suction going on, there is the flexible vibrating head that can massage the perineum or be inserted.

Made of silky silicone, the Tease N' Please Her is easy to clean and maintain. As with all silicone toys, use only water-based lubricants.  The Tease N' Please-Her is water resistant but not fully waterproof, and shouldn't be submerged.  Other than that, enjoy and stay sexy.


  • USB Rechargeable
  • Made from silicone. Hypoallergenic.
  • Suction ticklers and flexible vibrating head
  • 12 power vibrations


Clitoral Suction
Power Source:

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