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Em. Ex. Active Wear Crotchless Silhouette Harness

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SportSheets Em. Ex. Active Harness Wear Silhouette
Active Wear Crotchless Silhouette Harness Back
Built in O-Ring
SportSheets Crotchless Silhouette Harness
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An active lifestyle demands a comfortable, all day, all night harness without compromising style. EmEx was designed for durability, comfort, and fit. The soft fabric provides stretch while keeping accessories firmly secure. With its durable elastic waistband and nitrile (rubber) O-ring, you can fly the friendly skies as TSA will never know you're wearing it.  Be comfortable and stay sexy!


  • High-cut style
  • Interior fabric panels secure toys and provide support
  • Built-in nitrile o-ring 1.5 inches (3.81cm)
  • Designed with 2wo bullet pockets to provide extra stimulation if desired
  • Wicking material keeps moisture under control
  • Includes a travel pouch to carry your harness anywhere with ease


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