Eight (8ight) Lovering  Erection Ring

Eight (8ight) Lovering Erection Ring

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FUNFACTORY LOVERINGS turn your greatest asset into the crown jewels and maximize erection.

The cherry on top of the multi-functional LOVERING 8ight is a love bud that can be applied to pleasure the clitoris or anus, whatever your desire. Pull the smaller or larger penis ring over his member and use the other ring for the bud. Results speak for themselves – a satisfyingly hard erection.

Pull LOVERINGS apart and slip it over your member to the base of the penis. In this position, the build-up effect for an even harder and longer-lasting erection can be felt immediately. LOVERINGS promise a perfect fit for any penis size and are pleasant to wear.

  • multifunctional penis ring
  • two openings
  • love bud
  • playful design combined with ingenious functionality
  • easy to handle
  • very flexible
  • extremely durable
  • 100% silicone
  • waterproof
Size: Length 3 inches


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