Tommy Gunn Wearable Penis Extender

CyberSkin Tommy Gunn Penis Extension

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Where to start ... the Tommy Gunn Cyberskin Extension is hands-down one of our bestsellers. We get many phone calls asking what precisely this is the Tommy Gunn Penis Extension? Our best answer: "It's a really, really thick condom." And believe or not, that seems to get the point across. Tommy is made of out of Cyberskin, which is very fleshy feeling and very stretchy. We do not recommend it to men with ED. It's for the man who has a healthy functioning penis but wants a larger one.

CyberSkin is the most life-like material available, and this extension offers soft yet firm penetration. It is soft to the touch with a smoothness that only skin typically has. Best of all, you and your partner will BOTH enjoy the sensual and realistic feel of the CyberSkin material.

This Cyberskin penis extension is molded from porn star Tommy Gunn. Power Suction locks extension onto the shaft for a snug fit. Cyberskin with Virtual Touch texture feels like skin. Adds 1.75 inches to the length and .3 inch to girth all the way around. Squeeze the hollow reservoir tip then insert penis. The extension can be trimmed to customize the fit. Cyberskin warms to body temperature.

Designed to fit snuggly yet comfortably over the penis, each extender is a full 8.5 inches long and can be easily trimmed to fit any size penis! Can be used with or without a condom. Diameter is 2 inches.

Wash after each use with liquid antibacterial soap and water. Pat dry with a soft cotton towel and allow to air dry completely.

Note from MUF Staff: We sell a lot of extensions and search out new ones that we think are good... or as we say MUF Worthy. When we came across Tommy, we knew he would be a winner. We just added him to our store, and he has become very popular.

8 inches
2 inches

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