Sex Toys for Couples

It's a misconception to think of sex toys only for single people.  Couples swear by 'em! Couples toys are typically erection rings with an attached vibrator. The ring will help to maintain an erection for him, and the vibe offers clitoral stimulation for her. That aside, there's wide variety of toys for couples that don't involve ring. Thanks to phone apps, a couple can be miles apart and still turn each other on.  Fun for couples married or just dating; sex toys are a great way to enhance sexual play and make sex seem less routine. Outside of the bedroom, enjoy researching and buying sex toys together.  Couples that purchase sex toys together stay together.

  • Lelo Lyla 2 Luxury Bullet Vibrator in Purple Lelo Lyla 2 Luxury Bullet Vibrator in Black

    LELO Lyla 2 with SenseMotion

    MSRP: $229.95
    Lyla 2 Design Edition is the upgraded version of our premium remote-controlled massager for turning on pleasure even at a distance. Based on the original SenseMotion Lyla and featuring the same pioneering SenseMotion technology Lyla 2 boasts new...
  • The Screaming O Touch Plus

    The Screaming O Touch Plus

      The Screaming O Touch PlusÌ© is the answer to those who care about making the most out of their sexual encounters. With its contact activated motor, he knows when he's in the right spot because the powerful vibrating motor will activate,...
  • Triple Clit Flicker Calexotic Triple Clit Flicker

    Triple Clit Flicker Love Ring

      This erotically shaped vibrating cock ring offers pleasures for both partners! For him, the stretchy ring offers a snug fit to the shaft to help him last longer, and for her, the multi-speed vibrations and triple ticklers give out of this world...
  • Dual Clit Flicker Couples Vibrator Dual Clit Flicker with Removable Bullet Vibrator

    Dual Clit Flicker Couples Vibrator

    Share the love with the 3-speed Dual Clit Flicker. The erection enhancer offers maximum dual support for him and clitoral stimulation pleasure for her. The easy-to-use, stretchy ring has a removable and reusable vibrating bullet-shaped stimulator. The...
  • Diving Dolphin Couples Vibrator Diving Dolphin Couples Vibrator

    Diving Dolphin

    The ultimate toy for couples...the Dolphin does it all. A soft jelly ring keeps a firm erection while dual vibrators do their work. One powerful vibrating bullet behind the dolphin's nose provides clitoral stimulation, while the bullet in the tail...
  • Rockin' Rabbit Couples Vibrator Rockin' Rabbit Couples Vibrator

    Rockin' Rabbit Couples Vibrator

    The soft, stretchy latex rubber rabbit fits snuggly at the base of the penis effectively helping maintain an erection while the vibrating ears and tail provide exciting clitoral and testicular stimulation. With dual-independent multi-speed controls each...
  • Couples Nubby Delight Vibrating Erection Ring Nubby Delights Package

    Couple's Nubby Delight Vibrating Ring

    Prolong your pleasure with the Lover's Delight Nubby. The super soft and stretchy couple’s enhancer offers exceptional stamina support and delivers mutual stimulation satisfaction. The sensuously contoured support ring features an exotic...
  • Extender with Support Ring

    Extender with Support Ring

    Looking to make a good thing even better? The Stud Extender is a clear cock sleeve that's designed to provide some extra snugness, sensation, and one inch of length for your lover, along with some support for you. The super stretchy jelly rubber fits...
  • Futurotic 4-Way Arouser  for Couples Futurotic 4-Way Arouser with Removable Vibrator

    Futurotic 4-Way Arouser

    The Futurotic 4-Way Arouser is designed to comfortably fit over an erection and provide additional girth support and stimulation to the vagina, clitoris, penis and testicles. Made of stretchy super soft life-like Futurotic  material, this enhancer...
  • 3 Way Double Dolphin Couples Vibrator 3 Way Double Dolphin Couples Vibrator

    3 Way Double Dolphin

    The 3-Way Double Delight is a couple's favorite with an amazing three-way enhancement system featuring a soft, stretchy, and comfortable enhancer that slips over the penis to add girth and secure support, a three-speed stimulator that can be used...
  • Glow-In-The-Dark Reversible Sleeve Calexotics Glow-In-The-Dark Reversible Sleeve

    Glow in the Dark Reversible Penis Sleeve

    Most penis sleeves are reserved for the pleasure of your partner, but this penis enhancer is reversible so you can both experience the tantalizing pleasure of textured nubs rubbing your most sensitive areas. The pleasantly-scent sleeves  stretches...
  • Maximus Enhancement Ring with Stroker Beads
Maximus Enhancement Ring 10 Stroker Beads

    10 Bead Maximus Erection Ring

    The Waterproof MAXIMUS Enhancement Ring is actually two soft and stretchy rings; the smaller central ring goes around the shaft while the secondary ring goes around the testicles. Strategically embedded stroker beads 10 in total provide additional...
  • Ultimate Stroker Beads for Men Calexotic Stroker Beads for Men

    Ultimate Stroker Beads

    Enjoy stimulation pleasure with the Ultimate Stroker Beads. The erection enhancement ring features 5 rows of smooth pearl beads that deliver intensified sensation. The stretchy beaded sleeve offers erection maintenance support, and double the stimulation...
  • Vibrating Lover's Thong with Stroker Beads Calexotics Vibrating Lover's Thong with Stroker Beads

    Lover's Thong Vibrating with Stroker Beads

    This unique, vibrating G-string is designed for incredible mutual pleasure during lovemaking. This stimulator is designed to give both partners mutual pleasure. The beads reside on both sides of the labia, giving you extra sensitivity while providing him...
  • Prim O Tux Vibrating Erection Ring - Blue Prim O Tux Vibrating Ring Erection Ring Box

    Prim O Tux Vibrating Ring - Blue

    The PrimO Tux is a premium vibrating ring for discerning shoppers with a taste for luxury at an economical price. The tux is made of 100 percent premium silicone that stretches for a tailor-made fit and features our most powerful 4-function vibrating...
  • Sex Therapy Kit for Lovers Box Sex Therapy Kit for Lovers Box

    Sex Therapy Kit for Lovers

    Don't bother calling the Doctor for this one! Everything you need to turn an ordinary night into a night of sexual healing is included in this romantic kit for lovers. From furry cuffs to naughty coupon books and everything in between, this kinky...
  • LELO Oden 2 Love Ring LELO Oden 2 Love Ring

    LELO Oden 2 Love Ring

    Oden 2 Design Edition is the upgraded version of the worlds most advanced couples ring designed for men to wear when making love. Like its predecessor Oden 2 features an industry-first SenseMotion remote control allowing you to change vibrations with a...
  • LELO Ida Couples Sense Motion Vibrator LELO Ida Package

    LELO Ida

    Discover a mind-blowing a new way to share intimacy with Ida, the premium couples' massager worn by women when making love. Ida is the world's first remote-controlled couples' massager to combine powerful vibrations with  rotations, offering...
  • Lelo Noa Lelo Noa

    LELO Noa

    Noa is an exquisite couples massager worn by women that brings pleasure to both partners. Its silicone arm flexes but still provides pleasurable pressure externally and internally, while leaving ample room for a male partner. Noa's strong motor is...
  • Big O Reusable Vibrating Ring

    Big O Reusable Vibrating Ring

      The Big O is a vibrating waterproof silicone gel cock ring that is stretchy enough to encircle the base of the penis and the testicles. No pinching with this thick succulent ring! It has pleasure bumps on the motor's encasement to transfer the...

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