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Coochy Body Shave Cream 7.2 oz

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Many products claim to provide a bump-free shave, but Coochy is the only one that really delivers. Designed for all skin types but specifically for sensitive skin, this rash-free shave cream is specially formulated to protect your skin and provide a smooth moisturizing shave to any part of the body. Not only does it leave your skin smooth and soft it is also a highly moisturized hair conditioner that will soften the coarsest body hair. Beards too!

Coochy Body Shaving Cream was originally designed with bikini shaving in mind however it is also perfect for the legs underarms and the rest of the body!There are many converted men out there that only use Coochy when shaving each morning. Loved by women and men alike each of the scents has a very mild unisex fragrance.

Container size: 7.2 ounces


  • Au Natural - fragrance-free formula is super gentle on your skin
  • Floral Haze - blend of rose, jasmine and delicate fruit blossoms
  • Original - Infused with vanilla, orange blossoms and gardenias
  • Sweet Nectar - medley of pear, wild berries and apple blossoms

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