Cloud 9 Health and Wellness Nipple and Clitoral Massager Suction Set

Cloud 9 Nipple & Clitoral Suction Set

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The nipple enhancement 3 pack is designed to create a powerful natural suction sensation and engorgement to the nipple and clitoral areas with a simple squeeze, the Nipple cups fit perfectly against the skin and create a strong seal for hands-free fun, just attach to each nipple and watch them swell. This performance nipple enhancement kit contains a small and medium size based on the size of your nipple and areola. Use the set on each nipple, and also use one pleasure suction cup for the clitoral area. Squeeze and stay sexy.


  • Phthalate Free, Body-Safe
  • Use simultaneously on the nipples and clitoral areas
  • 2 Sizes to accommodate different nipple and areola areas
  • Suction creates engorgement of the nipple and clitoral areas
Clitoral Suction

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