Vixen Creations Inc.

Vixen Creations Inc.
  • Ride On Colossus Light Ride On Colossus Tan

    Ride On Penis Extender - Colossus

      A massive up-sizing of our celebrated Ride On, Colossus is suitable for slipping on to a more generous sized penis.The Ride On is one of our bestsellers with 99% satisfaction.  The only...
  • Ride On Holster Penis Extender Holster Penis Extender - Ivory

    Ride On Penis Extender - Holster

      New size for the Ride On! The Holster is a hollow strapless strap-on for men to wear and has been designed as a softer alternative to the hard, toxic and PPAs on the market today. Ride On can...
  • Silicone Hollow Penis Extender with Ball Strap Ride On Penis Extender

    Ride On Penis Extender - Ivory

    Ride On is our extender or PPA, which is hollow-shaped to fit over the penis. The underlying philosophy is to create a vacuum and pull the penis into the Ride On rather than to push.Created for...

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