• Ayu Fingers Vibrator Set Ayu Finger Vibe Set

    Ayu Mini Finger Vibe Set

    MSRP: $26.95
    These silky little vibes are designed to instantly transform fingers into in little sensual massagers. Ayu finger vibes fit snugly and comfortably over fingertips. Perfect for foreplay, each vibe...
  • Hummer 2 Vibrating Stroker Hummer 2 Vibrating Stroker Sleeve

    Hummer 2 Vibrating Stroker

    Hummer Max Stimulation Vibrating Sleeve increases the overall experience when using the HUMMER 1.0 or HUMMER 2.0 This uniquely designed, vibrating stroker that has an inner hair like texture and is 6...
  • Vedo Kinky Rabbit Vibrator Vedo Kinky Dual Motor Vibrator

    Kinky Bunny Rabbit Vibrator

    Kinky Bunny Plus delivers other-worldly pleasure to both the G-spot and clitoris simultaneously. At the same time, the thin shaft and bulbous head taps into your G-spot, the ribbed tickler, and the...
  • Vedo Peach Rechargeable Vibrating Egg Vedo Peach - Pink

    Peach Vibrating Egg

    VEDO Peach Vibrating Egg delivers discreet and deeply gratifying sensations. This remote controlled egg allows you to change any of the 10 vibration modes with a touch of a button. Designed to...
  • Scorpio Cock Ring with Anal Chain Vedo Scorpio C-Ring and Anal Chain

    Scorpio C-ring Anal Chain

    Scorpio Cock, Ball and Anal chain delivers where others can’t. Measuring 15″ and made from silky smooth silicone, Scorpio is stretchy enough to fit any girth. Simply, slide your penis...
  • VeDO Ami Vibrating Egg with Wired Remote VeDO Ami Vibrating Egg - Pink

    VeDO Ami Vibrating Egg

    VeDo Ami vibe provides 10 vibration modes and is perfectly shaped for easy insertion. Lightweight, powerful and designed for discreet pleasure anywhere, anytime. Made of silky, smooth silicone, this...
  • Glow In The Dark VeDO Grip Vibrating Sleeve VeDO Grip Rechargeable Vibrating Sleeve

    VeDO Grip Vibrating Sleeve

    Grip it and let it rip! VeDO Grip Vibrating Stroker is a one-of-a-kind rechargeable masturbator featuring a powerful BAM motor with 10 vibration modes. The super soft silicone gripper with a textured...
  • VeDO Hotrod Warming Masturbator Rechargeable VeDO Hotrod Warming Stroker

    VeDO Hotrod Warming Stroker

    VEDO Hot Rod amps its super charged dual motors with 10 vibration modes and 6 intensity levels. This unique stroker has a sleek design with a velvety smooth silicone body. And, if ever it gets a bit...
  • VeDO Hummer 2.0 Masturbator Savvy The Hummer 2.0 BJ Machine Rechargeable Stroker

    VeDO Hummer 2.0 Masturbator

    With a mind-blowing top speed of 180 RPMs and 180 suction impulses per minute – this hands-free, sucking, stroking BJ machine will leave you breathless and perhaps speechless.Operating the...
  • VEDO Vedo Hummer Super Bj Machine VEDO Vedo Hummer Super Bj Machine

    Vedo Hummer Super Bj Machine

    Hummer Super Bj Machine is a game changer as it will take make on ordinary BJ feel extraordinary! This fully automatic super powerful suction masturbator provides to 109 suction impulses per minute...
  • VeDO Roq Rechargeable Ring - Black VeDO Roq Rechargeable Ring - Box

    VeDO Roq Rechargeable C-Ring

    Roq Rechargeable Ring is by far the most powerful cock ring available. Offering up 10 supercharged vibration modes, this little guy will leave your partner wanting more. The silky smooth silicone...

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