Prisims Pranava

Prisims Pranava
  • Ajna Dual-Ended Glass Dildo Ajna Dual-Ended Glass Dildo Packaging

    Ajna Dual-Ended Glass Dildo

    The Ajna twin-ended wand is a dual stimulation piece that is gently curved for added pleasure. Delight in the twining beauty inside this glass wand. Like Karma, you get what you give with this...
  • Asvani Glass Ben Wa Balls Asvani Glass Ben Wa Balls Packaging

    Asvani Glass Ben Wa Balls

      Such lovely way to flex your sexual muscles. These flowering ben wa balls are ideal for exercising Kegel muscles for more control and sexual sensation, as well as exploring your sensual side...
  • Prisms Nyasa Thrusting Wand

Prisms Nyasa Thrusting Wand Packaging

    Prisms Nyasa Thrusting Wand

      Channel your inner God or Goddess with this sublime thruster! NYASA is an elegant thrusting wand featuring a tulip shaped tip that glides in smooth during insertion. A luxurious pleasure...

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