Khepher Games

Khepher Games
  • 1000 Sex Games 1000 Sex Games

    1000 Sex Games

    You begin the game by selecting one of the Foreplay Cards, such as: Naughty Dice, Strip Spinner, "Spin the Bottle", Erotic Edibles, and many more. Then you turn over a Passion Card which offers...
  • Glow in the Dark Sex Dice Game

    Glow in the Dark Sex Dice Game

    Turn out the lights and roll the dice! Add some nighttime naughtiness to your sex life with these Glow-In-The-Dark Sex Dice. Players take turns rolling the dice and then act out the action given...
  • Massage Seduction Massage Kit

    Massage Seduction Massage Kit

      Bring a sensual spa experience home with this erotic massage kit and perfect your massage techniques The kit offers 24 ways to seduce your lover tender and tantalizing massage techniques...
  • The Oral Sex Game

    Oral Sex Game

    The game for couples who love oral sex. Indulge in oral foreplay as you move around the board and climax with a variety of oral sex techniques.
  • SEX! Crackers

    SEX! Crackers

    Share sexy surprises with your lover with SEX! Crackers. Includes 2 SEX! Crackers; one for him and one for her. Pull on both ends to open a surprise collection of sex toys, sex games, and sex...
  • Wine Scented Bath Bombs

    Wine Scented Bath Bombs

      Let's toast to bath time!  A set of sweet smelling wine-scented bath bombs packaged in a fashionable, hard-plastic wine glass. Immerse yourself in the experience by enjoying a glass of...

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