Fun Factory

FUN FACTORY produces a colorful world of love toys in trendy colors and fun designs. The vibrators and dildos are reminiscent of stylish accessories rather than male genitalia and therefore have convincingly secured their place in the lifestyle segment. Not only is emphasis placed on exterior appearance but also on carefully regulated quality. All FUN FACTORY products are made of 100% medical standard silicone and materials gentle to the body and are mostly finished by hand.
Fun Factory
  • Fun Factory Silicone Boss Dildo - Ivory

    The Boss Silicone Dildo

    The Fun Factory Boss holds nothing back. The Boss is striking, with a naturalistic shape as its trademark – the defined head and the organically curved shaft, and wins over both men and...
  • Fun Factory  Volita Mini Vibe Volita Fluttering Tip

    Volita Mini Vibe

      Take powerful orgasms with you wherever you go, with the VolitaThe mini version of the bestselling Volta vibrator has the same fluttering tips that boost your arousal and amplify the strength...
  • Fun Factory Volta Clitoral Vibrator Volta Clitoral Vibrator Features

    Volta Clitoral Vibrator

    Power to the clit! It's like a volt of energy to the vulva. In a really good way. We’re so excited to introduce the VOLTA, an extra strong new vibrator with two silicone tips that flutter...

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