• Femme Funn Cora Thumping Rabbit - Purple Femme Funn Cora Thumping Rabbit - Purple

    Femme Funn Cora Thumping Rabbit

    Feel the rhythm as CORA thumps from within, heart beating faster with every pulsating thrust of delight. Enjoy the powerful vibrations that add to the thumping for peak pleasure and intensity...
  • Femme Funn LOLA G Blue Bendable Femme Funn LOLA G Blue

    Femme Funn LOLA G Vibrator

    Designed with power in mind, Lola G fills up your atmosphere with its soft liquid silicone body, firm silicone core, and wavy texture. Experience layers of sensation as you flow through the 8...
  • FemmeFunn Wireless Brown Turbo Baller FemmeFunn Brown Turbo Baller Box

    FemmeFun Turbo Baller - Brown

    Brown and ballsy...are you eady for a super charged ride? Start your engines! The Turbo Baller comes with super turbo technology which allows it to turn 360 degrees. Not only does the Baller offer an...
  • FemmeFun Ultra Rabbit Vibrator

    FemmeFun Ultra Rabbit Vibrator

    MSRP: $149.95
    The Femme Funn Ultra Rabbit, crafted to replicate the feeling of a lover’s touch, stimulates with its powerful come hither motion. Its contoured body stimulates the G-spot with 10...
  • FemmeFun Ultra Wand  - Purple FemmeFun Ultra Wand - Pink

    FemmeFun Ultra Wand

    MSRP: $89.95
    Bend it, flex it . Enjoy the FemmeFun Utlra Wand any way you want it. This ergonomically designed body wand delivers earth-shattering pleasure, without shattering your hand. Constructed to keep the...
  • FemmeFunn Diamond Wand Vibrator FemmeFunn Diamond Wand Vibrator

    FemmeFunn Diamond Wand Vibrator

    Conjured to charm your body, this versatile piece will make your wildest fantasies a reality. Its textured body and pointed tip offers maximum pleasure with 21 powerful vibration modes and g-spot...
  • FemmeFunn Ultra Bullet Vibrators FemmeFunn Ultra Bullet Purple

    FemmeFunn Ultra Bullet

    MSRP: $59.95
    The FemmeFunn Ultra Bullet is a super small, super discreet vibrator that packs a mean punch. The most powerful bullet on the market, offers 20 vibration modes, with a memory function that allows...

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