For whatever reason there seems to be a social stigma and taboo about men and sex toys. Though originally sex toys may have been created for women, the sex toy industry is more than just wanting to please the woman. There are many toys made specifically for men that can enhance not only your masturbation routine but also your sex life! The social stigma of men and sex toys needs to be done away with; while women can talk openly about their vibrators, a man with a pocket pussy is regarded as some kind of bizarre pervert, and that’s not how things should be.

Let me speak directly to the men right now: If your life is devoid of sex toys, you are missing out BIG TIME. Here are three sex toys for men that you should definitely have in your bedside table:

A handheld masturbator or stroker is a definite must! A toy like this Vulcan Ripe Vagina handheld masturbator is the perfect toy for beginners. This pocket-sized sex toy offers exceptional stimulation and a realistic material that simulates the textures of real flesh and skin.

A lifelike stroker is obviously way better than just your hand and you will be able to have hours of fun with this toy. The Vulcan is hidden inside a discreet case with its own lid, so when in storage it will attract no attention. For enhanced pleasure add a water based lube to the inside of the stroker to reduce friction and increase sensation. This toy is waterproof and easy to clean, so you will have zero problems or hassles with a toy like this.

Another great toy for men is the prostate massager. Stimulating the prostate is one of the biggest spots for building an amazing orgasm in men. This Aneros Eupho Syn prostate massager is the only medically researched and patented prostate massager anatomically designed to work perfectly with the male body.

Stimulate your g-spot like never before with this toy! Even the most skilled and experienced users of prostate massagers discover new sensations they have never felt before. This is a toy that you would want to ease into, but once you’ve got the touch and the rhythm for it, this toy will become your new best friend. You won’t regret buying and experiencing something as great as this toy.

The penis pump is a classic male sex toy. The Adam & Eve Promax Pump is the perfect pump for you to get your hands on. This toy serves multiple functions, bringing more blood to the area making the penis longer and thicker than usual, as well as giving you that life-like experience with the silicone stroker tip.

The clear cylinder allows you to monitor your progress and the pressure gauge measures your work. This is a fun toy that will have you feeling intense suction and sensations you’ll love. You’ll have an instantly larger erection that you and your partner are sure to love!

Remember boys: sex toys aren’t only for women, there is a whole sex toy life out there for you to explore and you should take advantage of it now! You’re not getting any younger, now is the time to play with your toys. 

18th Sep 2014 Melrose Urban Female Staff

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