​The Sweetest Way to Rev Up your Sex Drive

Posted by MUF Staff on 7th Feb 2018

​The Sweetest Way to Rev Up your Sex Drive

Apples Improve Female Sex Drive

An apple a day will make her pants fall away...

One of the most common problems within a marriage is when a woman loses her libido or sex drive. Intimacy is a very important part of married life: it keeps couples close and connected. Husbands often find it frustrating when their wife is suddenly not as responsive as she used to be, especially when they have no idea why. Many women turn to a doctor or specialist clinic for help, but natural remedies could be closer to hand.

According to a study that appeared in the journal "Archives of Gynaecology and Obstetrics", an apple a day may not just keep the doctor away. A natural compound called phloridzin found in the fruit may also help kick-start a woman's sex life.

Researchers recruited 700 women aged between 18 and 43 and divided them into two groups. One group consumed one or two apples daily; the other group consumed no or very few apples each week. The participants then completed a questionnaire about their sexual health and frequency of intercourse and orgasms.

The surprising results revealed that the women who consumed most apples found it much easier to get sexually aroused, and enjoyed a better sex life than those who ate fewer apples.

The researchers explained that apples are a rich source of polyphenols and antioxidants, which can increase blood flow to all parts of the body including the genital area. In addition, the compound phloridzin has similar properties to the female sex hormone estradiol, which can enhance and improve sexual desire.

According to that research, a crisp, sweet improvement to your sex life is sitting next to you in the fruit bowl. Why not try it? You have very little to lose, and everything to gain!