Lick it. Suck it. Love It.

The results are in. Sexperts say masturbation is the key to happiness. And frequent intense orgasms can cure whatever ails you. So don't hold back on your alone time sessions. The next time you are needing some one-on-one time with yourself, let one (or more) of these fan-favorite do the work for you. Some sucks, some lick and some do both!

The Satisfyer Pro 2with Vibration has earned the coveted top spot as the most popular oral sex stimulator. Not only does the air-pressure technology feel like oral sex, but for added oomph, it vibrates. And for the price, it can't be licked (pun intended). $59.95

Satisfyer Pro 2 with Vibration

The Womanizer Duo is a true 2-in-1 sex toy. The suction head produces sonic waves that feel like oral sex while the probing shaft targets your G-spot. This Womanizer is a must-have if you want to experience a simultaneous clitoral and vaginal orgasm (a.ka. blended orgasm). There is no good reason not to want one, right? And yes, we know.  It looks like something from another galaxy, which is appropriate.  The Womanizer Duo will have you seeing the stars and beyond.  $219.95

Womanizer Duo

The LELO Ora is a unique ring with a rolling ball built into the side (covered with a thin piece of silicone) to mimic what a licking tongue feels like. While not inexpensive, it offers luxurious licking. Two words of advice: use lube. $199.95

Lelo Ora

Like the Womanizer Satisfyer, the LELO Sona Cruise uses sonic waves to imitate the sensation of oral sex, penetrating deep into the clitoral tissue. Plus, the signature cruise-control feature (yes, just like the one in your car) ensures that the pressure stays steady no matter how hard you press, thus eliminating clit fatigue. $139.95

Lelo Sona Cruise


Have oral sex toy, will travel. The Satisfyer Pro Travel features the same sonic waves but with the added feature of a discreet travel cover (to spare you from airport embarrassment).  Bonus Point: It's 100% waterproof, so you can use it in the hot tub, pool, ocean, anywhere you need a little extra R&R. $45.95

Satisfyer Pro Traveler

Ready yourself for cost-effective faux cunnilingus with the Mini Marvels Marvelous Flicker. Mini, and indeed marvelous, the Flicker is a faux tongue with 10 vibration settings and fits in the palm of your hand. Toss it in your purse or pack back for pleasure-on-the-go. $59.95

Mini Marvels Marvelous Flicker

Looking like a flame, or snake, the fork-tongued Fun Factory Volt is a double-pronged vibrator. The flickering tips can massage both sides of the clitoris simultaneously for twice the oral sex experience. And the Flicker is STRONG.  Power to the clit. $139.95

Fun Factory Volt

Be healthy, and stay sexy!

7th Sep 2021

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