Is Technology the Future of Sex?

Technology has become a prevalent part of most of our lives. We all rely on some technology in one way or another. We use it in our offices, in our homes, in our cars, and now we use it in our sex. Technology is becoming more and more used in our sex and our relationships. Sex toys, cybersex, phone sex, virtual sex, sexting, online dating, dating apps, sex apps, online porn, and so much more are all relevant technologies that are being used in this day and age of relationships and sex.

The world of computerized dating is becoming bigger and bigger with online dating and smartphone apps that make it “easier” to meet and connect with people in your area. Apps like Tinder and Grindr have made finding sex and relationships through apps the most convenient way of doing things. Tinder is one of the fastest growing dating apps available to anyone with a smartphone, and its popularity is definitely proof of how love, sex, and relationships are all shifting on to a technological platform.

Online Dating Apps

All these dating apps are easy to use and very convenient when trying to find people in your area. These dating apps seem to be just the first step into the world of online sex. With these apps it’s very easy to sext, send dirty pics, or even meet up for a naughty one-on-one encounter. Sex has become as easy as a swipe to the right on your smartphone.

But dating or sex apps aren’t the only technology changing out day to day of sex. The awkwardness of modern dating can be escaped by moving even one step further into the virtual reality. This isn’t sex with someone you know, or sex with someone you don't know – but sex with someone you will never know. A site called Red Light Center has up to two million users and is a massive multiplayer online reality (an MMO).

There are just so many options for having sex through some sort of technology: computers, phones, technological and progressive sex toys. You can even have cybersex with someone who can bring you to orgasm by remote control. The remote-sex technologies sometimes called "teledildonics". Names like Mojowijo, Lovepalz, and RealTouch range from force-feedback vibrators plugged into your Nintendo, to self-lubricating artificial vaginas that sync with counterpart units on the other side of the world that rub and squeeze to climax any penis brave enough to insert them. Durex even briefly promoted his 'n' hers vibrating pants, or "funderwear", that could be controlled with a smartphone.

The options of sex are vast. Traditional dating and sex are no longer a part of our world. There are so many options for a person to be able to get off. Phone sex, skype sex, tinder sex, grindr sex, virtual sex, and so on are all technologies of sex that are becoming more and more popular with this generation of people.

Technology is definitely the way of the future for sex. The way we meet and have sex will forever be changed with these new technological advancements and ideas. They may be for better or for worse, but either way we are all going to continue having sex. 

16th Jun 2014 Melrose Urban Female Staff

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