How to Find the Male G-Spot

Posted by Melrose Urban Female Staff on 22nd Jun 2014

When you hear the word G-spot more than likely your mind is going to go straight to the female vagina. Men and women have read, watched, and discussed the many ways to find and stimulate a female’s G-spot to orgasm, but it seems like there is a lot less talk about the other G-spot: the male G-spot. That’s right gentlemen you also have an illustrious G-spot that will give you an intense and amazing orgasm when stimulated just right and it’s in your anus. By stimulating your prostate gland either indirectly by playing with your taint, or directly inside the anus, you will feel a sensation that will leave you breathless. The time to find and play is now!

Finding the Male G-Spot

The male G-spot is way easier to find than the female G-spot. It does still require a little patience, but it’s definitely way simpler than the complex female anatomy. The best way to get this exploration started is by lying on your back. Get comfortable and make use of the bed or perhaps a large sofa. The process will be easiest with your legs elevated, so lean your legs against the wall behind the bed or drape them over the back of the sofa. If you’re still having difficulty reaching the perineum from this position, you can lift further by sliding a pillow or two under your backside.

Once you’re comfortable and can reach all the right zones, start by gently massaging the area surrounding your anus. Most men enjoy having their taint stimulated, so you can certainly incorporate that into this process.

  • Use the soft pad of your index finger while exploring, and be gentle.
  • As you relax further, lube your finger up and let it gently brush across the surface of your anus.
  • Repeat this move several times, each time increasing the pressure slightly.
  • When you’re comfortable enough to begin probing, you should keep things slow and gentle, taking care to relax your sphincter during the process.
  • Once you’ve come in contact with the male G-spot, you’ll recognize it as a small, chestnut-sized bump situated approximately two inches inward.

Stimulating the Male G-Spot

The first step in stimulating the male G-spot is making oneself comfortable. Once you’re ready for stimulation, there are a number of methods you can utilize; a finger will be sufficient for beginners, if you’re feeling adventurous enough, a prostate massager will definitely do the trick. Regardless, you’ll want a good supply of lubrication on hand, and you’ll want the type specifically created for anal play.

As you prepare to stimulate your G-spot, keep in mind that the technique varies greatly. Some men like gentle thrusting movements, while others prefer intense, constant pressure on the prostate itself. You might prefer a mix of the two or something completely different. The key to your satisfaction is to give your body the chance to react and respond; take your time and be patient; the orgasm will be worth it. It’s also important to know that you may not find the incredible orgasm you’re looking for during the first exploration, and that’s perfectly normal; you can always try again.

Don't be ashamed of stimulating the male G-spot; the results can be explosive...