How to Combine Food and Sex for an Enhanced Experience

29th Jul 2022

How to Combine Food and Sex for an Enhanced Experience

Many people recognize the relationship between sex and food. Both give some manner of pleasure, so it only makes sense to combine them. But, beyond using chocolate as an aphrodisiac or using strawberries and whipped cream to get your partner in the mood, there are so many other options for bringing food into the bedroom. So, let's explore some of the ways you can spice up your sex life with food.

The Benefits Of Using Food To Enhance Sex

Anytime you bring something different into the bedroom, it serves as a chance to enhance your creativity. Sex is about stimulating your mind as much as about stimulating your body, so feel free to think about new ways to pleasure your partner. They will thank you for it.

In addition, eating certain foods can cause a pleasure response in the brain. Just as a great night of sex can leave you and your partner in a state of bliss, a good meal can provide feelings of satisfaction and calm. Combining food with sex offers double the pleasure and can even lead to a better state of mind for a fantastic night of passion.

Guidelines for Using Food During Sex

While there aren't many hard and fast rules for having sex, there are things you should understand to keep you and your partner safe. If you plan to use anything high in sugar, avoid using it on or near the vulva. This is particularly important if you or your partner are prone to yeast infections.

Make sure that all foods are washed and cleaned before initiating play. If there is anything you or your partner plan to insert, make sure to cover it with a condom and use plenty of lube beforehand. Switch to a clean condom before inserting the item anywhere else to avoid infections.

Check with your partner about any food allergies or sensitivities. Few things can ruin a night of passion like a trip to the emergency room due to anaphylactic shock. Furthermore, avoid using any foods such as vinegar or citrus that can burn or sting if used on sensitive tissues or open cuts.

Finally, you must understand that introducing food to sex will get messy. If you're worried about messing up your expensive sheets, this type of play may not be for you. Lay down a tarp or sheet of plastic before you begin. Alternatively, you can take your food play into the shower or bathtub for quick and easy cleanup afterward.

Best Foods To Use During Sex

Foods that resemble genitalia get people riled up easily because of their lascivious connotations. Think bananas and cucumbers simulating penises, or cherries and strawberries simulating testicles and ovaries. Beyond that, anything that you or your partner can lick up is great for reasons that should be obvious.

But don't be afraid to think outside the box. For example, use leafy greens to tickle your partner's sensitive areas. Turn your partner's body into a dessert or sushi bar. Use your partner's navel to mix and drink various shots. And there are even more possibilities:

  • Use a partially melted chocolate bar to draw on your partner's body. You can use it to spell out loving messages or practice your artistic talents. And when you're done, your tongue makes an excellent eraser.
  • Candy necklaces can double as an edible garter or anklet. Just slide one on and challenge your partner to eat all of the candy pieces off of it while it's still on your body.
  • Play with temperature and turn your partner into an ice cream sundae. Use warm chocolate and butterscotch in conjunction with cold fruit or popsicles/ice cream. Just be sure to eat it quickly before it melts.
  • Cool Whip serves as a fantastic alternative to whipped cream in a can. It tastes great, and you don't have to worry about the noise that an aerosol can make.
  • These are just a few ideas to enhance your sex life by using food. Sex should be a special event, full of fun and unforgettable memories. And if you have a willing partner, don't be afraid to break into new territory and explore different ways of enhancing each other's pleasure.