Have You Tried Beer for Better Sex?

16th Mar 2016

Have a Beer Before Sex

Life can be hard when the foods that you love turn out to be bad for your sex drive. Chocolate, a food frequently associated with romance, is one of the top libido killers. Cheese and caffeine are well-loved foods that are testosterone suppressors.

Life isn't completely unkind, though, if you like fun foods as well as sex. There is an exception -- beer. If you are a man and you're depressed over not being allowed as much caffeine, cheeseburgers or candy as you'd like, you can always drown your sorrows in beer. Not only is it a great beverage, it actually has specific advantages when you need to get it on. These go far beyond the kind of benefits that come with lowered inhibitions.

Beer gives you an edge in bed

With beer, the more iron content it has, the better for blood oxygenation it is. This does more than to help with performance. It has another interesting effect -- better erections. Beer tends to work fairly quickly, too. A pint of dark beer an hour before bed can bring you quick results.

Beer is all about endurance

A study by the Fondazione di Ricerca e Cura in Italy has revealed that a pint of beer a day raises cardio endurance and helps with performance. Beer supplies the body with phytoestrogens, as well. It has very specific effects -- it raises libido, and delays ejaculation. It means that with beer, you get both greater endurance to go at it with, and your orgasm times improve as well.

Ginkgo biloba

While the idea that beer is good when you want to get frisky may be new to you; it's been something that beer brewers have known for long. There are plenty of brews out there with great herbal supplements, all specifically aimed at better performance. From ginkgo to ginseng, you have your choice of brew supplements to try.

Beer doesn't just work for men, either

Studies have shown that the consumption of beer improves orgasms in women. While disinhibition is an important part of the phenomenon, greater blood flow to the vaginal region tends to be the primary effect.

The fact that beer is simply good for the health helps, as well. When used within reason, the probiotics and vitamins in beer can truly help boost simple, everyday health.