Get Better Sex with Better Workouts

Posted by Melrose Urban Female Staff on 1st Jun 2017

Get Better Sex with Better Workouts

Sex and exercise are perfect compliments. When you have sex you are getting an amazing workout: you are constantly moving, you are sweating, and you are receiving the ultimate release. When you are exercising and doing a workout you are getting fit, building muscle, and releasing amazing endorphins. Sex can help you get fit, but getting fit can also help your sex. If you enjoy sex and want to improve your sex life, there is no better way of doing that than by doing exercises and workouts that will boost all the right muscles for an amazing night of pleasure.

There’s nothing like great sexercises! Keep your sex life awesome! Try these 5 exercises and improve your sex life for the better:

1.Strengthen your core: Your core consists of a group of muscles in the center of your body, as well as the muscles in your middle and lower back, abdomen and pelvis. When having sex, these muscles are important in just about any movement or sexual position; so it’s important to work on these muscles. There are different things you can do to strengthen your core; crunches are the classic move to will help you build those core muscles, but another great exercise you should try is called the quadruped.

a.Start out on your hands and knees, with your hands aligned under your shoulders and your knees aligned with your hips. It's important to tighten your abdomen and remember to breathe.

b.Then, lift and straighten your left arm and right leg so that they are level with your spine. You'll really work your abs and trunk muscles while trying to maintain balance.

2.Build Upper-body Strength : Any sexual position that requires you to support your weight using your arms, such as missionary or cowgirl, could be held longer if you have toned strong arms and a strong chest. Start out with push-ups, another classic exercise with endless possibilities. To make this exercise even more difficult, try to perform it slower, or hover just above the ground when you come down. Continue adding repetitions. You can also try gym machines that are designed to build upper-body strength, such as the rowing machine. Using dumbbells, kettlebells, or free weights are another option. Lifting weights will also help you build that upper-body strength. Building those arms will definitely benefit you when it comes to certain sex positions.

3.Yoga: Doing yoga is not only good for exercising and meditating, but it also has a lot of sexual benefits. Certain yoga poses can increase flexibility, blood flow, stamina, relaxation, and all of those other factors that take sex from good to best sex ever. Check out this great infographic from WorldLifestyle about better sex through yoga poses.

4.Build Leg Strength: Strong and dominant legs are very important for all kinds of sexual positions. Most types of exercise that you do will benefit your legs. It’s recommended that you try specific leg exercises that target three different groups of muscles: the quadriceps (front of the legs), the hamstrings (back of the legs) and the calves (lower legs). Lunges are a great exercise for building your leg strength because it targets all three of the leg muscle groups, as well as the gluteal muscles. You can also work your legs at the gym with machines that target these areas. Building your leg muscles will boost your sex life by having that extra leg strength.

5.Cardiovascular Exercise: Cardiovascular exercises are great for boosting your sex life! These exercises raise your heart rate, allowing your entire body to benefit…not just the outside appearance but also what keeps you strong on the inside. The stronger your heart and your lungs are, the more useful they will be when you are having sex. When you do cardio and build that strength, you will have more endurance to be able to have sex for longer. Many different kinds of exercise qualify as cardio.

a.If you enjoy the great outdoors, consider speed-walking, running, bicycling or cross-country skiing.

b.Gym machines like a treadmill or stationary bike can give you a cardio workout indoors.

c.If you are concerned about the impact of exercises like running on your joints, you can try swimming or use an elliptical machine.

If you want an even better sizzle in your sex, try working out right before you have sex. You will definitely have one of the best sexual experiences you’ve ever had. Remember that YES sex is a great work out, but you also have to work out to have great sex. Take these tips and build a sex life that takes your breath away!