​Five Bedroom-Friendly Foods

Posted by Melrose Urban Female Staff on 17th Jul 2014

Five Bedroom-Friendly Foods


Two of the most enjoyable things in life are eating and having sex. When put together, great things happen. Now we aren’t talking about mixing comfort food staples like homemade macaroni and cheese with missionary. What we are talking about is spicing up your sex life in the bedroom with the addition of sweets and treats.

Step out of your comfort zone and add one, or all, of the following the next time you decide to romp in the sheets. We do suggest laying a towel down, or using these on top of an old blanket to prevent staining your bed linens.

Pop Rocks

Remember how awesome pop rocks were as a child? They’re even more awesome as an adult when used during oral pleasure. One pack will be more than plenty for a night of fun. Begin by adding a handful to your mouth prior to pleasuring the man in your life. He’ll experience unique pleasure with double the sensation from your tongue as well as popping pop rocks. Popular flavors that we recommend are strawberry and watermelon.


Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and flavors, popsicles are a summer staple for most of us. It’s likely that you already have popsicles in your freezer. If you don’t, you can always make your own popsicles. We suggest visiting Pinterest for simple recipes. This can get messy, so we do recommend lying a towel down before grabbing popsicles from the freezer, or choose to move things to the title or wood floors.

Begin by swirling the popsicle on your partner’s neck and work your way down their body. Follow the sticky popsicle trail with your tongue for additional teasing. Continue to move the popsicle around their stomach and eventually around their inner thighs. Blow ever so gently on the liquid popsicle trail that has been created around their thighs. Leg shakes are bound to follow after this. Bonus points if you’re able to tie your partner up. We suggest using bondage tape that’s quick and painless to remove.

Nut Butter

Available in a variety ranging from cashew to peanut or almond butter, nut butters can provide a healthy snack to keep you energized while romping in the sheets. Grab a spoonful and begin to spread the butter around your partner’s nipples. Licking the butter off will take some force with your tongue. Textured nut butters (think almond or natural peanut butter) can provide additional pleasure for your man during oral if placed on his scrotum.


This rich and cheat day worthy snack can intensify oral pleasure if you are on the giving end. Easily spreadable, nutella can be placed almost anywhere on the body. You’ll have to resist the urge to use more than a spoonful of this sugary treat.

Whipped Cream

Prior to using whipped cream in the bedroom, we recommend putting a can of extra creamy whipped cream in the freezer for 5-10 minutes. This will help keep the cream from being runny once it’s squirted. Have your partner lay on their back before you begin to use the whipped cream. Begin to paint your partner’s body with whipped cream while focusing on nipples, thighs, collar bones, and their stomach. Display your artistic abilities by drawing a heart or a bikini. We recommend being careful while adding whipped cream near your man’s shaft as the tip of the can may scratch him and cause slight pain.

After you have both benefited from a food fueled orgasm, we recommend showering to remove any remaining food particles and more importantly, to prevent a possible yeast infection from the addition of sugar to your lady parts. Bonus points if you shower together and repeat the process.