Erotic Romance Novels

Posted by Melrose Urban Female Staff on 19th May 2014

Erotica is on the uptrend and women of all ages appear to be thirsting for erotic novels. We certainly don’t blame them. It’s about time the stigma that follows these sexual fantasies begins to lessen, thanks in large part to the comforted privacy of kindles and eBooks and the ever-popular Fifty Shades of Grey series that seemed to have brought sexual exploration to the forefront. Whether a fiction, memoir, mystery, women’s rights column, erotic romance, or other topic, women are swooning over the sexual tension that surrounds these plots. We are total advocates of this form of sexual release. So, if you’ve devoured the Fifty Shades books (and might even consider them too PG), get lost in these erotic stories by some of the best authors.

Violet Blue - One Night Only: Erotic Encounters

Violet Blue is one of our favorite award-winning sex authors and columnists. Not only does she create steamy, wild fantasies in books such as One Night Only: Erotic Encounters, but she is also an investigative reporter on hacking, crime, and privacy that has been influential in cracking large, controversial stories in various countries. We could go on and on about her career and influence. Recently Violet Blue published The Smart Girl's Guide to Privacy, focused on privacy for women in this very chaotic, often sleazy online world. For a great novel on erotic fantasy you must read One Night Only. The stories in this novel center around wild tales of intense public sex, secret oral sex, and random sexual encounters that will have you searching for more.

Looking for a quick read on all things sex? Check out her blog of hot, useful, enticing information that has been around for over a decade! You won’t be disappointed by what Violet Blue has to offer.

Cara McKenna – Willing Victim

Cara McKenna knows sexy. Her intensely provocative stories combine sex with a depth that will evoke emotions you didn’t even know you had. Case in point, her bio reads: “She loves writing sexy, character-driven stories about strong-willed men and women who keep each other on their toes, and bring one another to their knees.” There is no better example of this than through her 2010 release of Willing Victim, a hot novel that brings to the forefront rough sex. McKenna pushes it to the limits with this one, acting out scenes of forced sex. It’s dark, so be prepared to have fists clenched the entire book. The whole thing is so hot and still doesn’t lose sight of the deeply developed, smart characters McKenna creates in her novels.

Megan Hart – Dirty

The name gives it away. Dirty is just that: provocatively dirty. Megan Hart is a New York Times bestselling author of books of all kinds, but we prefer her erotic novels. Conventionality flies out the window with Hart’s Dirty. The characters in this book are raw, real, and erotic - just the way we like it. Fall in love with Elle and Dan as they take you on a journey that is dark, sexy, and emotionally stimulating. This novel gives you graphic sexual encounters mixed with deep, emotional characters. Hart does an amazing job at writing stories that are moving yet still so hot.

Other worthy authors and books to check out:

Beyond Shame by Kit Rocha

Mercy by HelenKay Dimon

WARNING: Extreme sexual desires will occur during and after reading these novels. Be prepared to seek out an intense, steamy, stimulating sexual encounter after reading!