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Okay ladies here's one that we are all guilty of. How many times have you called your husband or boyfriend up to the bedroom to show him your newest toy? Explaining to him how it could be used to bring you the most pleasure and then maybe, just maybe sharing it with him so he could experience some good vibrations too? Well it's great that you like to share your toys, but how about finding him some of his own? Follow along for our list of toys specifically designed for men, and tips on how to warm him up to these hot new playthings.

The Primo Tux Vibrating Cock Ring

A vibrating cock ring is a good place to start when introducing your mate to the joys of toys. In fact, many guys admit that this was their first sex toy purchase made for themselves.

The purpose of a cock-ring is to trap blood inside the penis, leading to a harder erection and delayed and intensified orgasm. While many cock rings are made from metals like stainless steel, I believe a soft, stretchy silicone one like the Prim O Tux is far easier to introduce to your mate. The flexible silicone body has a safe, friendly appearance, and the vibrating bullet gives it a familiarity for guys used to playing with her vibrator. Not to mention the benefits of clitoral stimulation you’ll get from the 4-function vibrating bullet. At only $22.95 from, this is a great starter toy to get him interested. Click here to buy the Prim O Tux on

Fun Factory Manta Stroker

Fun Factory Manta Stroker

The best sex toy are the oneswith dual purposes. The Manta is a male stroker this is perfect for couples, too! The sleek, easy-to-handle Manta is designed to slide between your bodies, basically turning his penis into a vibrator. It’s also an exceptional blowjob accessory, circling the back of the penis for a deep-throat feel.

Not just for twosome, when you are apart, he can whip out his Manta. The Manta is ideal for alone time. Its ergonomic shape provide comfortable stroking and the wand-style design means that the vibration will be getting him off, not numbing his hand. And of course, he will have the phone in his free hand talking to you.  Click here to buy the Manta on

The Aneros Line of Prostate Massagers

Was your husband patient and diligent while you searched (and searched) for your G-spot? If so, return the favor with a toy that lets him explore the male erogenous zone of the prostate, the Aneros MGX Prostate Massager.

If your guy is hesitant about trying an insertable toy like this, tell him about the many benefits of prostate massage in preventing prostate disease and discomfort which many men experience as they age. But once he tries it and experiences the intense orgasms that this device can produce, he’ll be reaching for this toy over and over again. 

And the benefit to you? The Aneros line of prostate massagers can be worn during intercourse as well as masturbation, and are completely hands-free once inserted. Click here to shop the Aneros collection on

Ride On Penis Extenders

If your guy experiences Erectile dysfunction (ED) or you’ve just been wondering what it would feel like to use an extender, this Colossus Penis Extender gets top marks from satisfied customers. 

Unlike hard plastic extenders, the top selling Colossus, and its smaller cousin the Ride On are made from soft silicone which feels good from both sides giving you and your partner a pleasurable ride. Just add lubrication before inserting the penis, follow the detailed instructions for securing the extender, use the ring at the base to secure it around his testicles and you are ready to go. 

Read real user reviews of this product here. Click here to buy the Ride On Penis Extender on

The Lelo Billy Vibrator

You may already have a whole collection of vibrators, but chances are none of them were designed with HIS G spot in mind. The Lelo Billy was designed just for that. With 5 modes of vibration, this insertable vibrator focuses on his G-spot, the prostate - with intense vibrations which lead to whole body orgasms. If your guy is reluctant to use a penetrator, the modern, sleek design of this toy and its powerful vibrations may just win him over.

This soft silicone vibrator is easy to use and rechargeable, so you never have to worry about batteries. With its locking controls and silky storage pouch this vibrator is ready to travel so make sure you pack it for your next overnight trip for a truly unforgettable experience. Click here to buy the Lelo Billy on

26th Feb 2020

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